If you are looking for elite escorts, Scarlet Amore escort service offers professional escorts that suit your description. A vast majority of the escorts is drawn from learning institutions and professions, hence consider the position as lucrative yet exciting side business. . Unlike the traditional escort agencies, we know all our escorts and often verify their details about age, appearance, and size.

Are they different from independent escorts?

Scarlet Amore escorts consider escorting as an exciting adventure that accords a rare opportunity to accompany charming gentlemen, experience the serenity of first-class restaurants and make numerous trips with the client. This is not all that they do, as most have a career on the side, hence dependent on what you need. Nonetheless, the venture is a welcome task for the young women and Scarlet Amore works as an introductory service for meeting these beautiful ladies.

Making Contact

While you could be thrilled to seek the services on your own, most of the ladies prefer working with the agency. The company plays the administration role, which entails facilitating communication between the client and the preferred escort. Just like you, the companions want to avoid any contacts before and after the meeting. Similarly, they are want to keep off financial matters and focus creating a friendly environment where you can bond and share the adventures.

You need not spoil the cordial atmosphere with persistent demands to get their numbers while you could handle everything through the client. The agency has received numerously complains about customers requiring private emails and phone numbers, with some getting offended when the escorts decline. In such instances, the clients ought to consider booking independent escorts.

Privacy and Booking

When it comes to privacy, the firm assures you of utmost discretion. Scarlet Amore commits never to disclose, expose, exchange or sell the client’s details to third parties. The screening is done in privacy, limiting access to your personal information. Scarlet Amore is just an introduction portal where you two can chat and decide whether to met or not. We work with independent escorts from around the USA and expanding globally.

The Appointment

Upon confirmation, it’s upon your to decide where you need to meet the lady. The agency does not provide in call service hence the need to look for ambient joints for your date. Just like her, she expects you to be smart, polite and charming. You need not wait for her to ask the agreed amount as that might sound embarrassing. Be keen to avoid topics that would be unpleasant such as talking about her private life or previous escort dates.